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Birthdate:Dec 8
Location:United States of America
Gay girl, IT Professional with a very unrelated degree in art history and gender studies.

I like talking about a variety of geeky topics including fandom, linux, malware and information security, and video games. I especially like older (aka NES, SNES, Atari, C64) games, although I like new things too!

Favorite bands include Radiohead, Modest Mouse, and Franz Ferdinand.

Other likes: sewing, coffee at any and all times, all things computer geek, strong earl grey tea, queer activism, feminist tattoos, zines, and queerifying tv/the world.

I read a whole lot, think a whole lot, and am mostly more serious about stuff than I usually say. Feedback is always loved, con crit is welcome.

My fandoms - Teen Wolf, The Mighty Boosh, Community, Merlin, Merlin rpf, Spn, Spn rpf, BBC Sherlock, Holmes '09. I read some Harry Potter, too.

FRIENDING - Everyone is welcome to friend or defriend me as they so desire. The more the merrier, so don't hesitate to friend if you'd like to!

ADULT CONTENT NOTICE - This journal has it. Explicit slash fic, plus discussion of queerness in rl and in fic. If you don't like it, this probably isn't the place for you.

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a room of one's own, bliss/maven, bones, bradley/colin, buffy, dean/castiel, fun home, harry/draco., holmes/watson, hp, jared/jensen, linux, mabinogion, merlin, merlin/arthur, neal/peter, piano playin', sewing, spn, telling lame jokes, the, the dark is rising sequence, the historian, the house on the strand, troutfishing in america, ubuntu, will/bran
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